Hyper-Fit Balancing Toner Pad

# Keratin care
# Sebum care


Any skin can be used

140 sheets of 60mm diameter capacity

It is a daily embossing pad that cleans up dead skin cells that have accumulated over the day.
It can be used more effectively when used with'Hyper-Fit Balancing Toner', which helps with dead skin cell care.


65% rayon, 35% PET


1. Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity. 2. If there is something wrong with the product, stop using it. 3. As it is a combustible product, keep it away from fire or heat. 4. Keep out of reach of children and children. 5. Do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose. 6. This product is for single use and cannot be reused.



"Trouble comes up when the seasons change"

There are many reasons that cause skin troubles such as excessive sebum secretion and disruption of skin oil and moisture balance. During the cool seasons in the morning and evening, the skin becomes dry and the resulting dead skin starts to rise.


Of course, proper dead skin cells play an important role in protecting the skin, but the excessive amount of dead skin cells that make the skin texture rough can cause troubles by clogging pores as well as preventing the skin from absorbing even with good skin care products.


In addition to this, a disposable mask that is worn every day is added, so dead skin cells and impurities become entangled, irritating the skin, causing secondary troubles.


To solve these skin problems, the solution that FIVE proposes is the FEEV Hyper-Fit Balancing Toner Pad.

Recommended skin type

Troubled skin

#Spot soothing

#Oily skin If you use it with Hyper Fit Balancing Toner containing'Succinic Acid', which soothes sensitive skin and helps to care for dead skin cells, you can take care of troubles caused by dead skin cells.




FEEV 001.
Is there any difference from the existing wet toner pad?

The advantage is that you can use it with the product you want. In addition, the amount can be adjusted, and it can be used as a skin texture, cleansing, spot pack, etc.


FEEV 002. Can I
use it with other toners?

You can also use it with your usual toner. You can also try it with a variety of products such as cleansing water and essence.

Embo Pad

The convex embossing pad cleanly removes dead skin cells and impurities from the curved areas of the skin.

Soft Pad

The smooth pad takes care of the skin without irritation, and smoothes the rough skin texture.


product information

Product main

All skin types



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Encos Co., Ltd. / Third Mason Co., Ltd.

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